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Clitheroe Golf club is a proud signatory to the Women in Golf Charter. The Charter's aim is to challenge some of the negative stereotypes attached to golf, create inclusive golf club cultures and open up the game to women and girls of all ages.  The appeal of the Women in Golf Charter to Clitheroe GC is based around the family-centred approach of the initiative, making golf accessible to all women, including those who work full-time, and encouraging more girls to get into the sport, which can foster life long friendships and prove a really fun game to play.

KIRSTY FIELD, our Women in Golf Charter Champion

Kirsty has played golf for over 20 years. She is passionate about the game and thankful for the many great experiences, adventures and friendships it has brought her. Being involved both as a Welsh International and a Girls High School Coach, she has seen first-hand the joy golf can bring.

Alongside Kirsty is an enthusiastic working group, all committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming culture at Clitheroe, making golf accessible to all women and girls, whether they want to play competitively, socially, or are just in pursuit of a new hobby!

Ladies into Golf 2024 - Clitheroe Golf Academy

A four-week taster programme, open to ladies wishing to try golf for the first time or re-visit the game after a period of time away, will be held on:

Saturday 11th May: 2pm - 3pm

Saturday 18th May: 2pm - 3pm

Saturday 25th May: 2pm - 3pm

Saturday 1st June: 2pm - 3pm

The cost of the taster programme is £20 for 4 weeks or £7 per week, if ladies are unable to attend the whole block. All equipment will be provided and no prior golf experience is needed! To sign up, please email or complete the website form below.

Following this initial 4 week programme, a second block of four weeks will run through the remainder of June, including a social event and a 'Foxes and Rabbits' fun competition to help with transition to the golf course.
A pathway to membership will then be offered to those wanting to continue, hopefully you!

Please let us have your contact details

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Our Commitments to the Women in Golf Charter

  • Taster sessions for ladies and girls new to golf 
  • CGC programme for girls 
  • Social events following the taster sessions to welcome new golfers
  • "Course ready" workshops to help new golfers learn the rules and etiquette of golf
  • A new "Lady/Girl Member Coordinator" and buddy system to help new golfers settle in
  • Inclusive "Stableford Sunday" competitions open to all elligible male, female and junior members, again with the emphasis on family golf
  • Family "nine and dine" events to hone in on the family nature of Clitheroe Golf Club
  • Maintain Safe Golf accreditation and Play Safe, Stay Safe protocols
  • Create evening tee times to cater for working ladies
  • Create an inclusive, welcoming environment at CGC which champions women and girls in golf

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