Clitheroe Golf Club

Terms & Conditions for Visiting Parties

Please ensure that all members of your party are aware of these conditions particularly with regard to dress rules and format of play.

Clitheroe is an Open Qualifying course and therefore it is expected that all your players can play to a reasonable standard and will not hold up play. Handicaps certificates may be required to show that your members are bona fide golfers. Each player must have a set of clubs, proper footwear and is expected to know and comply with the normal etiquette of golf.

Organisers and the members of your party are advised to have appropriate insurance and should note that Clitheroe Golf Club ltd bears no responsibility for loss of equipment, clothing or valuables.

Dress Code


  • Smart tailored shorts of respectable length may be worn, but not after 6pm in the dining room. They must be worn with socks, either predominantly white short or plain knee length
  • Tracksuits, football and similar type sports shirts, t-shirts, collarless or sleeveless shirts are unacceptable either on the course or in the clubhouse. Turtle neck shirts are permitted
  • Training shoes and sandals are also unacceptable, and golf shoes and waterproofs should not be worn in the lounges, dining room and inner hallway
  • On the course, golfing caps must be worn with peak at the front, but no headgear should be worn at any time in the clubhouse
  • Except for tailored breeches style, trousers should not be worn inside socks
  • On and off the course shirts should be tucked into trousers


  • Brief shorts, sun tops, denim wear, tracksuits and training shoes are not acceptable wear, either on the course or in the clubhouse
  • Golf shorts may be worn in the clubhouse, but not after 6pm in the dining room. Turtle neck shirts are permitted
  • The secretary, bar manager and professional are empowered to require players to change unacceptable clothing or leave the course or clubhouse


Visiting parties must pay a deposit of £10 per person within 28 days to confirm the booking. Payment may be made by cheque, payable to Clitheroe Golf Club, or by card over the telephone. If the number of players is less than the number booked, the club may retain the deposits of those not attending. On the day of your visit the green fee element should be paid in the office or professional’s shop prior to commencing play. Payment for the food element should be made to the caterers on the day, unless otherwise agreed.

Account facilities

Visiting parties who require account facilities must arrange these with the office at least one month prior to the event. All invoices will be due for payment within 14 days and can be for the green fees, catering, bar tab or any combination. Bar tabs can be arranged at shorter notice but, unless account facilities have been agreed, must be paid for on the day.


The organiser should confirm precise numbers to Sue Broadley, Golf Co-ordinator,  at least three days before the event. Failure to do so will lead to the loss of the deposit relating to a reduction in numbers. The club cannot guarantee to accommodate more players than originally booked.


Deposits will not be refunded in the event of the party cancelling the visit within the ten-week period before the visit takes place.

If the course is closed due to inclement weather the deposit will be returned in full but the club will not accept any further liability to the party.

The club reserves the right at its absolute discretion to cancel the booking and refund the deposit in whole or in part;

(a) if the club or any part of it is closed due to fire, natural disaster, employee dispute, alteration, demolition, or by order of any public authority.

(b) if the booking is potentially detrimental to the reputation of the club.

Format of play

Rounds of four hours or more are unacceptable and spoil the day for everyone and organisers should choose a format to encourage continuous play. Fourballs should be better ball, stableford, par or greensome. Singles play should be stableford or par and must be played in threes. Medal rounds are only accepted by special arrangement. Parties are limited to nine holes in the morning and eighteen holes in the afternoon.

Texas scrambles are not acceptable in any circumstances.

Starting times

Your starting times and meal times are pre-arranged and it is essential that these are adhered to. A party overrunning its allotted times may find that later starters are prevented from playing. You will be notified of your tee times when your booking is confirmed. Starting is at 10 minute intervals and play will be from the yellow tees (men) or red tees (ladies).

Advertising signs

No posters, signs or displays may be erected, fixed to walls, trees or fences, anywhere on the premises of the club without prior authority from the Golf Operations team.


Only wide wheeled trolleys are allowed on the course. The professional has a number of trolleys available for hire. Power trolleys are usually allowed but there may be restrictions during inclement weather. Visitors bringing trolleys are advised to check the playing conditions prior to their visit.


The club has five  buggies for hire and can be booked through the office or professional’s shop. If a member of your party wishes to bring his own buggy then you must contact the office well in advance of your visit to make the necessary arrangements; please note that only single seater buggies will be allowed. All buggy users should be aware that in the event of adverse ground conditions the use of buggies may be restricted or prohibited. Up to date information can be obtained by telephoning the information line on 01200 442864 or contacting the professional’s shop on 01200 422292 Option 2.

Course maintenance

Greenkeepers and players are competing for time on the course. Every effort is made to ensure that play is relatively unaffected by course work but the vagaries of the weather require the greenkeeper to execute major works when weather permits. Mowing, drain clearing, fertilising and weed killing, bunker and tee renovation or the temporary decommissioning of a green will have little effect on play. However, if play is on to a number of temporary greens, or a hole is completely closed the secretary is empowered at his absolute discretion to reduce the green fee.


The club professional Sam Punchard  carries an extensive range of golf equipment and clothing in his shop and other goods can be obtained from him by prior arrangement. Although it is not a condition of booking, visiting parties are requested to observe the normal courtesy of arranging for their prizes to be supplied by the club professional. Trophies, which have been provided for annual competition, are, of course, not included in this request. In arranging golf days, organisers should be aware that it is prejudicial to the amateur status of the golfer to be awarded prizes valued in excess of £500.

Half way house

A half way house is situated behind the 9th green. If you wish to use this during your visit please contact the Golf Co-ordinator Sue Broadley to make the necessary arrangements.

Mobile telephones

These are a nuisance to other players and visitors are requested to switch them off.

The use of mobile phones in the public rooms of the clubhouse is not allowed. Messages for visitors can be left with the bar staff or the club professional.

Health & safety

Health & safety of members, employees and visitors is taken seriously at the club and as such you and your party are asked to observe all signs and notices displayed in the club and on the course. All members of your party must have a general knowledge of the rules of golf and must never place their own or other persons safety at risk whilst at the club and on the course in particular. Consumption of alcohol on the course contravenes our health & safety policy and therefore is not permitted.

Courtesy of the course

This will be granted to members of the association of golf club secretaries, members of BIGGA & professionals (on production of a current ID card), current Captains & Lady Captains; requests for courtesies should be notified at the time of booking.

Toilets are situated at the half-way house behind the 9th green.

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