CategorySubscription FeeEntry Fee Year 1Entry Fee Year 2Entry Fee Year 3
Male full (over 30)£1174.00£400.00£400.00£400.00
Male 27 – 29 years£873.00£400.00£400.00£400.00
Male 24 – 26 years£602.00£301.00£301.00£301.00
Male 21 – 23 years£332.00£166.00£166.00£166.00
Male 18 – 20 years£271.00£136.00£136.00£136.00
Lady full (over 30)£1054.00£400.00£400.00£400.00
Lady 27 – 29 years£873.00£400.00£400.00£400.00
Lady 24 – 26 years£602.00£301.00£301.00£301.00
Lady 21 – 23 years£332.00£166.00£166.00£166.00
Lady 18 – 20 years£271.00£136.00£136.00£136.00
Country Member£452.00£226.00£226.00£226.00
Attached Professional£470.00£235.00£235.00£235.00
Student in F/T education£241.00£121.00£121.00£121.00
Junior 13 – 17 yrs£100.00---
Junior 9 -12 yrs£50.00---
Junior 5 – 8yrs----
Social  Member£62.00


The joining fee is capped at £1200 for Full and 27-29 year old memberships. All other categories are one and a half times the subscription fee which can be spread over 3 years. (The joining fee will always stay at the same subscription rate as per the time of joining)


  1. The subscription year end is 30th September. Members joining part way through the year will pay the following percentage of the annual subscription:
    • Up to the end of February - 100%
    • 1st March to 30th April - 75%
    • 1st May to 30th June - 60%
    • 1st July to 30th September - 40%
  2. The subscription category at renewal will be determined by the member’s age at 30th September. For new members joining during the year the category will be determined by the age at the date of application.
  3. Country members must not have a place of residence or work within 40 miles, as the crow flies, of the Club and are restricted to a maximum of 6 club competitions. They are not eligible to play in board competitions.
  4. If a member changes category mid -season the joining fee will change as well.