Clitheroe Golf Club


Wednesday 10th July
Clitheroe Golf Club, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

The Sir Michael Bonallack Open Senior Singles event minimum age 55. 

A  Seniors Mens Qualifying 95% Handicap Medal Competition open to  Members & Visitors who are active members of a recognised golf club.

Valid CDH numbers are required at the time of booking.

Competition to be played on 10th July 2024 at Clitheroe Golf Club course from the White tees.

Winners will be notified promptly after the competition has been closed and the scores checked and verified.

Full results will be published on the website.

Please note, refunds will only be given 7 days prior to the competition.

A full set of rules can be seen on the View Rules tab.

Prizes:- Nett & Gross Prizes 

There is also a Nett prize for each age category 55-59, 60-64, 65-69 and 70-74, 75+



Wednesday 10th July 2024, White Tees, Clitheroe Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Peter McArthur(14)  Leyland Golf Club67
2nd John Kersey(19) 68
3rd Tony Holt(2) 69
4th Andrew Pilling(5)  Bolton Golf Club69
5th Kevan HOWORTH(26)  Breightmet Golf Club71
6th Martyn Brooks(5)  Pleasington Golf Club71
7th Graham James Bolton(5)  Chorley Golf Club71
8th Andrew Riley(5)  Towneley71
9th Philip Bond(9) 72
10th Robert Driver(15) 72
11th Nigel Compsty(13)  Pleasington Golf Club72
12th John Goodland(13)  Haydock Park Golf Club73
13th Paul Wood(20) 73
14th Danny Murphy(6)  Skipton Golf Club73
15th Ralph Postlethwaite(4) 73
16th Phil Hurst(3)  Gathurst Golf Club73
17th Ian Owens(5) 73
18th Peter Kennedy(17) 73
19th Stephen Ackers(9) 73
20th Paul Foster(10)  Chorley Golf Club73
21st Matthew Nettleton(10) 74
22nd Paul Tebay(5)  Dunscar Golf Club74
23rd John SPENCER(3)  Rossendale Golf Club74
24th Tim Cooper(2)  Bolton Golf Club74
25th Shaun Smalley(8)  Nelson Golf Club74
26th David Wakerley(8)  High Legh Park Country Club Golf Club74
27th Alan gillespie(3)  St Annes Old Links Golf Club74
28th Peter Ingham(14)  Pleasington Golf Club74
29th Nick Fellows(10)  Dean Wood Golf Club74
30th Darg Barnett(12)  Knott End Golf Club75
31st Paul Robinson(12)  Portal75
32nd Philip Cort(9) 75
33rd Malcolm Hodson(12)  High Legh Park Country Club Golf Club76
34th Michael John Hanson(0)  Morecambe Golf Club76
35th Andy Morris(8)  Deane Golf Club76
36th Peter Bell(20) 76
37th Kevin Mahon(4)  Ulverston Golf Club76
38th Neil Simpson(13)  Kirkby Lonsdale Golf Club76
39th Stuart Biggs(10) 76
40th Phil Kellie(7)  Chorley Golf Club76
41st Alan Derbyshire(15)  Hindley Hall Golf Club76
42nd David Sharples(8) 76
43rd Tim Stanley(7) 76
44th Sean Wilson(10) 76
45th Steven Clash(10)  Myerscough76
46th Gary Byrne(2) 77
47th Neil Webster(9)  Ulverston Golf Club77
48th Andy Taylor(5)  Chorley Golf Club77
49th Jed HOWORTH(10)  Breightmet Golf Club77
50th Mick Maguire(12)  Preston Golf Club77
51st Paul Kelly(11)  Formby Golf Club77
52nd Ian Walsh(21) 77
53rd Stephen McTegart(19)  Blundells Hill77
54th Michael Duckworth(13)  Carus Green Golf Club78
55th Ronald White(15)  Bolton Old Links78
56th David Parkinson(10) 78
57th Stephen Charlton(6)  Rockliffe Hall78
58th Glynn Rees(5)  Fleetwood Golf Club78
59th Robert Greenwood(16) 78
60th Carl Dean(9)  Fleetwood Golf Club78
61st Denis Greenup(7) 78
62nd David Hughes(6)  Ashton-in-Makerfield Golf Club78
63rd Gary Coleman(9)  Knott End Golf Club79
64th David Mark Fenton(18)  Pleasington Golf Club79
65th Paul Traynor(11)  Longridge Golf Club79
66th Shaun Kendall(8)  Burnley Golf Club79
67th Peter Foley(14) 79
68th Swamy Narayana MBE(14) 79
69th Paul Hunter(14)  Wilpshire Golf Club79
70th David Thornhill(5) 79
71st Ian Lumb(7)  Grange Park Golf Club (Lancashire)79
72nd Anthony O'Rourke(12)  The Wilmslow Golf Club79
73rd James Quigley(14)  Leyland Golf Club79
74th Dave Simpson(4)  St Annes Old Links Golf Club79
75th Paul Upton(6)  Rockliffe Hall79
76th Peter LORD(8)  Rossendale Golf Club80
77th Michael Gill(19)  Denton Golf Club80
78th John Graham(16) 80
79th M Benson(13)  Morecambe Golf Club80
80th Frank Wrigley(14)  Pleasington Golf Club80
81st Steven Richardson(9)  Knott End Golf Club80
82nd Alan Gallagher(27) 81
83rd Phil Ansell(5)  Fleetwood Golf Club81
84th Michael Heaps(12) 81
85th David Caunce(15)  Pleasington Golf Club81
86th Tom Costello(8)  Archerfield Links Golf Club81
87th Malcolm Morton(6)  Formby Golf Club81
88th Graeme Smith(12)  Cleveland81
89th Graham Stephenson(5)  Cleveland81
90th Thomas Poole (10) 81
91st Paul Anderton(5)  Fleetwood Golf Club82
92nd Steven Roberts(19)  The Wilmslow Golf Club82
93rd Paul Smith(16)  Blundells Hill82
94th Mark GRIFFIN(14)  Rossendale Golf Club82
95th Stephen Perkins(13) 82
96th Scott Thompson(13)  Myerscough83
97th Barry Hackett(18)  Barrow Golf Club83
98th Leslie Newlands(15)  Knott End Golf Club83
99th John Whetstone(7)  Ulverston Golf Club84
100th William Smith(6)  Fleetwood Golf Club85
101st Gary Dunn(16)  Chorley Golf Club85
102nd David Carlile(18)  Sale Golf Club85
103rd Stephen Barnes(10)  Penrith Golf Club85
104th Michael Gray(5)  Lancaster Golf Club85
105th Martin Price(17)  Chorley Golf Club86
106th John Vernon(8) 86
107th Brendan Barrett(25)  Wilpshire Golf Club86
108th Paul Horan(8)  Bolton Old Links87
109th Iain Braddock(10)  Chorley Golf Club87
110th Richard Farr(18)  Pleasington Golf Club87
111th Simon Poucher(14)  Sale Golf Club89
112th John Howard(15)  Dunscar Golf Club90
113th Mike Henry(15)  90
114th dean taylor(8)  Malton & NortonNR
115th John Sharples(13)  Bolton Old LinksNR
116th Gary Maddock(16)  Haydock Park Golf ClubNR
117th GEORGE NEWSHAM(24)  MyerscoughNR
118th David Evans(7)  Formby Golf ClubNR
119th Tim Walker(13)  Barrow Golf ClubNR
120th Christopher Smith(18)  Hanging HeatonNR
121st Ian Bond(7)  Dunscar Golf ClubNR
122nd John Coupe(2)  Nelson Golf ClubWD
123rd David Tanner(3)  Pleasington Golf ClubWD
124th Craig Cuthbert(-1)  Stand Golf ClubWD

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Competition Fees:
  • £40.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 129

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