Clitheroe Golf Club


Sunday 30th June
Clitheroe Golf Club, Tee - White
H'cap Allowance: 95%

A Mens Qualifying 95% Handicap Medal Competition open to Seven Day male Members & Visitors who are active members of a recognised golf club.

Valid CDH numbers are required at the time of booking.

Competition to be played on 30th June 2024 at Clitheroe Golf Club course from the White tees.

Winners will be notified promptly after the competition has been closed and the scores checked and verified.

Full results will be published on the website.

Please note, refunds will only be given 7 days prior to the competition.

A full set of rules can be seen on the View Rules tab.

The Club reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation.


Sunday 30th June 2024, White Tees, Clitheroe Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Zac Ashworth(4) 69
2nd Clive Robertson(6)  Green Haworth70
3rd Matthew Saxon(13) 70
4th Swamy Narayana MBE(14) 71
5th Dion Lewis(18)  Baron Hill71
6th Tim Stanley(7) 71
7th Stephen Dean(12) 72
8th Chris Mayers(5)  Accrington & District72
9th Jonathan Hayton(12)  West Bradford Golf Club72
10th marc sturgeon(6)  Knaresborough73
11th Graham McLean(10)  Fleetwood Golf Club73
12th Mike Taylor(11)  Stand Golf Club74
13th Mike Kettle(19)  Longridge Golf Club74
14th Billy Dowling(-6)  Clitheroe Golf Club74
15th Liam Houldsworth(11)  Keighley Golf Club74
16th Joe Irving(10)  Greenmount Golf Club74
17th Philip Bond(9) 75
18th Kieran Metcalfe(20)  West Bradford Golf Club75
19th Chris Nuttall(-2)  Accrington & District75
20th Dave Irving(7)  Greenmount Golf Club75
21st Carl Parker(3)  Burnley Golf Club75
22nd Jordan Allen(12)  Accrington & District75
23rd Harry Devine(5) 75
24th Joe Porter(15)  Formby Hall Golf Club75
25th Jimmy Cowgill(7)  Woodhall Hills76
26th Paul Wood(19) 76
27th Carl Dean(9)  Fleetwood Golf Club76
28th Ian Owens(4) 76
29th Gary Blades(0) 76
30th Mark David Richardson(5)  Mersey Valley & Country Club76
31st Gary Byrne(1) 77
32nd Timothy Saville(9)  Fairhaven Golf Club77
33rd Michael John Hanson(0)  Morecambe Golf Club77
34th Harvey Spence(12)  Burnley Golf Club77
35th Shaun Kendall(8)  Burnley Golf Club77
36th Steven Clash(9)  Myerscough77
37th Steven O'Brien(8)  Formby Hall Golf Club77
38th David Setterfield(15) 77
39th Daniel Barlow(15)  Rossendale Golf Club77
40th Boyd Procter(22)  Green Haworth78
41st Shaun Field(1) 78
42nd Keith Bone(19)  West Bradford Golf Club78
43rd Rich Dowell(5)  Prenton78
44th Glynn Rees(5)  Fleetwood Golf Club78
45th Thomas Dewhurst(24) 78
46th Stephen Ackers(8) 78
47th Michael Bond(7)  Oakdale Golf Club78
48th Paul Thomason(7)  Nelson Golf Club78
49th Andrew Riley(4)  Towneley79
50th Mick Rafferty(12) 79
51st Alan gillespie(2)  St Annes Old Links Golf Club79
52nd David Oversby(5) 79
53rd Chris Arkwright(10)  Staining Lodge Golf Club79
54th Steve Greenaway(4)  Burnley Golf Club79
55th Robert Beecham(2) 79
56th Christian Archard(13) 79
57th Stephen Fanshawe(19)  Burnley Golf Club79
58th Dominic TOMLINSON(3)  Formby Hall Golf Club80
59th Paul Porter(8)  Formby Hall Golf Club80
60th David Heyes(15)  Walton Hall80
61st Mark Ridgway(3)  Burnley Golf Club80
62nd A McCuish(9)  Herons' Reach80
63rd Martin Rayner(9)  Bury Golf Club80
64th Mick Maguire(12)  Preston Golf Club80
65th Philip Hitchen(1)  80
66th David Jones(7)  Formby Hall Golf Club80
67th Kev Clarkson(16)  Formby Hall Golf Club80
68th Jacob Drury(8)  Accrington & District80
69th Ian Cousins(23)  Staining Lodge Golf Club81
70th Andy Cuming(9)  Turton Golf Club81
71st Andrew Watts(14)  Keighley Golf Club81
72nd Stephen Perkins(13) 81
73rd Adrian Rigby(20)  Accrington & District82
74th Simon Swindells(4) 82
75th Daniel Emsley(9)  Formby Hall Golf Club82
76th Ian Pimblett(22)  Huyton & Prescot82
77th Lee Moore(20)  Huyton & Prescot82
78th stephen charles waller(16)  Beauchief82
79th David Hollows(6) 82
80th G Fogg(11)  Turton Golf Club82
81st Nick WILLIAMS(16)  Baron Hill83
82nd phil dooley(5)  Hillsborough Golf Club83
83rd David Cryer(3)  Nelson Golf Club83
84th Martyn Clegg(11)  Burnley Golf Club83
85th David Reid(3)  Mersey Valley & Country Club83
86th Richard Crossley(19) 83
87th Anthony McGibbon(10)  Pannal84
88th Richard Farrell(15)  Houghwood Golf Club84
89th Ben Smith(9) 84
90th Phil Ansell(5)  Fleetwood Golf Club84
91st Scott Cornish(10)  Houghwood Golf Club85
92nd Joe Ingham(11)  Otley Golf Club85
93rd Paul McMahon(9)  Stand Golf Club85
94th John Vernon(8) 85
95th Hayden Bradley(6)  Deane Golf Club85
96th Lee Tatters(6)  Blackburn Golf Club85
97th Mike Brown(5)  Hillsborough Golf Club86
98th Kristian Hamer(17)  Pike Fold Golf Club86
99th Jeff Glasgow(22)  Burnley Golf Club86
100th Kevin Cunliffe(14)  Hesketh Artisans87
101st Sam Rayner(8) 87
102nd SIMON Reid(14)  Mersey Valley & Country Club88
103rd Jonathan Sumner(7)  Southport Old Links Golf Club88
104th Peter Noble(7)  Wakefield88
105th Marcus Peacock(20)  Myerscough90
106th Adam Doney(21)  Burnley Golf Club91
107th Jason Jones(14)  Stand Golf Club95
108th Cameron Gaskell(26)  Wigan Golf Club96
109th Thomas Poole (10) NR
110th Paul Greenall(14)  Longridge Golf ClubNR
111th Mark Hitchen(8) NR
112th Daniel Tomlinson(6)  Formby Hall Golf ClubNR
113th Philip Leaver(7) NR
114th David Ward(5)  Ashton & Lea Golf ClubNR
115th Michael Chambers(12)  Burnley Golf ClubNR
116th Nigel Compsty(13)  Pleasington Golf ClubNR

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Competition Fees:
  • £40.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 119

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