The Course is currently closed due to overnight heavy rain. Inspection at 10.00am . Please ring 01200 442864 for up to date course information. Please repair all pitch marks, rake bunkers and replace divots, priority must be given to all Greenstaff.

Winter work programme

Extend the following white tees that are not large enough to accommodate tee movement through the summer, these being,

·         4th   tee, remove turf, add approx.  10 tons root zone, extend forward level and returf

·         9th tee, remove turf, add approx. 10 tons root zone, extend forward level and returf 

·         11th tee, remove turf, add approx. 20 tons root zone, extend forward and sideways, level & returf

·         15th tee, remove turf, add approx. 10 tons root zone extend forward level and returf

Approx. costings £2,500 for root zone, additional turf and fertilisers

There is an area to the right of the 7th green that has deteriorated over the last two years, causing problems in accessing the 8th tee in winter, to improve this area we would;

·         Remove the turf and place nearby for reuse

·         Explore and investigate possible drainage problems and repair

·         Reinstate levels with additional root zone

·         Re-turf

Approx. costings £3000 for drainage pipe, gravel and additional turf, fertiliser and rootzones.

Improve the drainage in front of the 10th tee and prevent run off from the path at the side of the tee by installing a grid drainage system at the end of the path.

Similarly, at the 3rd tee path install a grid drainage system at the path end to prevent run off onto the grass walkway.

From spring 2018 start a 5-year programme of bunker sand replacement;

·         All sand to be exchanged in every bunker

·         A mat/liner fitted in those bunkers that are prone to contamination

·         Poorly drained bunkers to have the drainage upgraded

·         The process repeated in spring 2023

Approx. costings based on a recommended covering of 4 inches of sand per bunker,

324 tons @ £33 per ton £10,692

Extend the driving range tee with excavations from the chipping green work and level with rootzone and turf.

Improve the path/walkway in front of the white 18th tee.

Correct the drainage issue on the lower tier of the 7th green as mentioned in the S.T.R.I report.

Woodland management