The Course is currently closed due to overnight heavy rain. Inspection at 10.00am . Please ring 01200 442864 for up to date course information. Please repair all pitch marks, rake bunkers and replace divots, priority must be given to all Greenstaff.

Total rainfall for 2017   58.65 inches    1489mm

Course closed on 39 days.      Aprons in play due to frost on 16 occasions.

Monthly rainfall (inches)

JAN       3.21                                      JUL        4.68

FEB       4.47                                      AUG       5.26

MAR       7.50                                     SEP        7.79

APR       0.89                                      OCT       7.72

MAY       1.87                                     NOV       6.22

JUN        4.12                                     DEC       4.92

Welcome to the new members of the committee.

2017 proved to be another wet year, particularly from August through to December. With those volumes of rainfall, the golf course stood up well, the greens remain well drained, with the year on year effect of hollow tining in August being of great benefit to their drainage performance. Unlike last year the greens remain relatively clear of disease scaring with only a few isolated spots of fusarium appearing after Christmas, which we dealt with promptly.

Woodland management has taken place, removing non-native species on holes 1, 10, 11, 12 & 15. Two willow stumps remain on the left of the 10th fairway and these will be removed when ground conditions allow, but there may well be some associated drainage work to correct when the root system has been excavated.

The white tees have been improved on holes 4 & 15, by increasing the area of the white teeing ground, and likewise work is currently underway on the 11th tee.

The area to the left of the 18th green has deteriorated quite badly recently, we intend to locate the nearest drain and correct the problem which is likely to be linked to the nearby tree roots affecting the drainage system.

When conditions allow, work proceeds on the new chipping green area. We have installed a main drain up to the site of the green. The ground conditions in that area are poor and it has significant impact on the speed of installation.

The staff continue to work on machinery replacing filters and oil, checking hydraulic oil lines and bearings, and regrinding cylinders and bed knives where necessary for the season ahead. The wooden course furniture (benches) have been brought in under cover and should any of the committee have experience in sanding and varnishing their help would be appreciated in getting them ready for the season ahead.

Despite the wet weather, we have kept restrictions on the golf course to a minimum, particularly where trolleys are concerned, disappointingly, it is noticeable that some trolleys are being taken over areas that will cause damage to playing surfaces, ie aprons and tees, this action will be monitored and restrictions brought in, in the form of white lines, ropes and possible trolley ban should conditions continue to deteriorate. It is very important at this time of year to repair pitchmarks carefully and correctly, we are noticing the formation of fusarium and anthracnose around incorrectly repaired pitchmarks the fungal spores taking advantage of the damaged/weakened grass from the impact of the ball.

The week commencing 15th January saw high volumes of rainfall fall throughout the week , leaving the golf course saturated, with these areas remaining waterlogged we will have little choice but to close the course, should we see any more significant rainfall.

Additional winter maintenance work has seen us improving the surfaces of the roads in areas where golfers use them ie 3rd & 4th by filling in the potholes and providing a smoother surface, and we will be re-planking the surface of the pedestrian sleeper bridges to replace some of the worn out sleepers.

Andrew &  the Greenkeeping team.