The Course is currently closed due to overnight heavy rain. Inspection at 10.00am . Please ring 01200 442864 for up to date course information. Please repair all pitch marks, rake bunkers and replace divots, priority must be given to all Greenstaff.


The summer season has been a difficult one with an extremely wet late July affecting standard   mowing practices. 4.66 inches of rain fell through July meaning routine operations such as mowing fairways and semi rough were not as clean and required extra operations such as blowing to remove dropped grass. It is a constant battle to complete mowing these areas particularly as much more of the course is now cut on a regular basis, I’m sure the ladies have noticed us on a Thursday afternoon trying to finish off the mowing that was started on the Monday morning and we used to complete by Wednesday. We would like to make the committee aware of the routine jobs that go into maintaining the golf course through the summer and the timescales involved.

  • Dew removal/brushing of greens, 2 hours, 5 days a week prior to mowing.
  • Mowing greens, 4+hours, 7 days a week
  • Mowing aprons, 3+ hours, 3 days a week
  • Mowing tees, 4 men 3+ hours 3 days a week
  • Mowing fairways, 2 men 5-6 hours twice a week
  • Mowing semi-rough, 2 men 12-15 hours once a week
  • Changing holes, 2 hours 3-4 times per week
  • Moving tee markers, 1-2 hours daily
  • Divotting tees and emptying litter bins, 3-4 hours, 3 times a week
  • Raking bunkers, 6 men 2-3 hours dependant on competitions/weather
  • Strimming/flymowing the streams, 8 hours fortnightly
  • Mowing the driving range 3-4 hours weekly
  • Divotting the driving range tee 1-2 hours weekly
  • Trimming/edging bunkers 10 hours monthly

Other operations such as spraying the greens, weed killing, verti-cutting the greens and various aeration procedures are undertaken as necessary.

The performance of the greens has been good during the wet spell with minimum disruption to golf through surface water; percolation rates remain good with the year on year effect of hollow coring preventing surfaces from sealing over restricting the movement of moisture down through the soil profile.  Hollow coring will commence on the evening of Sunday August 6th this year with planned operations being,

  1. Scarifying to a depth of 6mm,
  2. Hollow core with a 12mm tine to a depth of 4”max at 2” centres
  3. Remove cores and collect
  4. Apply fertiliser/seaweed granules
  5. Overseed
  6. Apply top dressing evenly to the green
  7. Brush & drag-mat the dressing into the green surface
  8. Repeat processes 6 & 7, four times per green until all holes are filled.
  9. Vibrate roll to consolidate the dressing in the surface
  10. Iron the green to restore playing levels.

All operations are weather dependant and may be adjusted accordingly to the weather patterns. We are looking to apply 50 tons + of dressing to the greens over the course of the week. Obviously mowing regimes are relaxed to aid recovery and growth and it’s not until the hollow tine holes have grown over do we start to pick up the mowing on a more regular basis and lower the height of cut to what it is now. This is weather dependant and may well take into 3rd/4th week of August to achieve this.

The torrential downpours this week have meant the greenstaff have been working re-instating the sand in the bunkers. A large number of man hours have been used,

  • Mon 31st -  8 hours
  • Tue 1st -  7 hours
  • Wed 2nd -  28 hours
  • Fri 4th -   8-10 hours predicted
  • Sat 5th =    2-3 hours predicted

 Rainfall totals from Wednesday 26th July;

Wed     26th  16.1mm

Thur     27th   15.9mm

Fri        28th    15.6mm

Sat        29th    trace

Sun       30th    11.1mm

Mon       31st     0.3mm

Tues      1st      17.7mm

Wed       2nd     5.5mm

Thurs      3rd      6.8mm            total  89mm      3.50inches over 9 days!!!!!

Rainfall for the year

  • Jan 3.21inches
  • Feb 4.47 inches
  • Mar 7.50 inches
  • Apr 0.89 inches
  • May 1.87 inches
  • June 4.12 inches
  • July 4.68 inches
  • total     74inches

Andrew Geddes

Course Manager





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