The Course is currently closed due to overnight heavy rain. Inspection at 10.00am . Please ring 01200 442864 for up to date course information. Please repair all pitch marks, rake bunkers and replace divots, priority must be given to all Greenstaff.

Winter Mat Policy

From the 1st Dec

Mats must be used on all fairways or the ball maybe moved and placed in the rough.

Always move the ball to the nearest point of relief (i.e. nearest side of rough in relation to position of ball)

Members may use mats in the rough or they can lift, clean and place a ball that lands in the rough as close as possible to its original position.

 Bunkers –a ball can be lifted, raked, cleaned and placed as close as possible to its original position.  Or mats maybe used, when the ground is frozen.

 Weekend competitions.

From the 1st Dec will be 16-hole competitions and the holes removed on a rota basis will be the 4thand 5th , 9th and 10th, or the 14th and 15th.